And so it begins …

Yes, another men’s college basketball ranking website …

But its basis is a not-so-common method based upon peer knowledge – what every college basketball team think of its opponents.

It is an analysis of game results, a compilation of a vote from each team, and a tally to rank every team.

Since I’ve never attempted this particular method .. it could be an adventure.  I have a long history of developing college basketball rating systems.  I first attempted this in 1990 on a 286 PC. And spent 15 years developing a system – but in anonymity.  That system used a now-common system of relative strength of opponent’s opponents.

This College Basketball Peer Rankings system is one that’s bounced through my head for a while – I’ve implemented it – and I’m ready to see how it does.

College basketball is a love – statistics and analysis is a passion and talent.  Here we go ..

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