This website is an archive of the Peer Ranking system for NCAA men’s college basketball teams. A new ranking is archived every Monday morning during the season.  And most days there will be a ranking released.

The ranking system is based upon a hypothetical vote by each college basketball team of who is best in college basketball.  The “vote” is derived from an analysis of what each college basketball team knows about its opponents.  Each team can only vote for teams that it has played.  And it knows nothing about the results of any other games.

See the Methodology page for more details.

I am a long-time, loyal New Mexico State fan.  I grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico, attended Mayfield High School, New Mexico State University, and eventually began a career at nearby White Sands Missile Range as an Electrical Engineer.

I have always had a love of basketball.

I played basketball, primarily on a recreation level. I played some in middle and high school, but was never terrific at it. I played adult/city league basketball for many years, and played daily lunch basketball at work. It was fun and enjoyable. I have since stopped playing as I’m now in my 50’s. The years of playing has taken its toll, and my joints are not receptive to such activity. I do miss playing.

I was a fan of basketball teams too. My first love was the Portland Trail Blazers. I lived in Bend, Oregon for four years, ages 11-15. I followed the Blazers intensely, listening to every game on the radio. And they won the NBA Championship for the 1976-77 season. I was elated. After I moved back to New Mexico I continued to follow them, but my fan obsession gradually moved to local New Mexico State University – the Aggies. After I began attending the university, I had free access to the games and started attending almost every game.  The Aggies were a decent team, but as the years went on they became a Top 25 caliber team under Neil McCarthy and even went to the Sweet 16 in 1992. I have loyally followed this team ever since, and continue so today.

My interest in ranking/rating college basketball teams dates back to the mid/late 1980’s. I saw the ratings published by Jeff Sagarin in USA Today newspaper. I was instantly intrigued. I was a savvy computer programmer and wanted to make my own ratings.  That was easier said than done back then.  How I going to get game data? There was no internet. The only published game data was in newspapers.  It took a year or so of contemplation to figure out what I wanted to do. I eventually hand typed some game data and made my own computer-based (on a 286 PC) ratings system. But I needed real data to make a validation.  I wrote Jeff Sagarin a letter – yes there was no email back then. I asked how he got data, hoping he would send a computer disk with data.  He instead wrote a nice letter, and pointed me to the NCAA yearbook.  I purchased the previous two yearbooks and took on the 1989-90 season to start running my rankings. This was in fall of 1990 .. so, that season was already completed. But it was a start.  I had to hand type every NCAA Division I team’s schedule/results.  I realized it was doubling the effort given that each results was entered twice. But I didn’t know of a better/easier way. I’m not sure how long it took to do this. But I presume it was many weeks. After completing the translation, I started in earnest running my ratings. I generated rating of the season many times. Adjusting the various factors and making sure there were no data and formula errors. I settled on a solution for the formula and was pleased that the top teams from that season were ranked near the top of my ratings.  And my ratings compared similarly to Jeff Sagarin’s ratings.  I had no venue to publish my ratings. I really made no effort to reach out to anyone. And this was before the internet was anything.  I ended up shelving the rating system for quite a number of years. It wasn’t until in the late 90’s when the internet was popular, and getting daily scores was easy, that I modified my rating system to compute daily ratings. I did this for several seasons, and even created a webpage or two that published my results.  I had no idea anyone even looked. And frankly I didn’t really care. I loved doing it, and that was the point. I continued off and on through the mid/late 2000’s. And so it wasn’t until recently I became interesting in taking this rating again. But by now I recognized there were dozens of people doing these ratings – and many had taken this to a far higher level than anything I’d ever done. I wanted a unique approach. I gave this months of thought. I doubted I could come up with a unique approach – this is a big world – and not likely anything is unique.  And here we are …

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